Welcome to Wild Yonder!

Wild Yonder is a first-person action RPG about slaying baddies, leveling up, crafting awesome loot, and stabbing your friends in the back.
The entire affair is an online multiplayer sort of deal, so you can team up with your friends to fight and explore. Look out for hostile players who might want to kill you dead and take your stuff.
There's also an emphasis on crazy, finesse-based mobility abilities like sliding, jumping, ground pounding, momentum control, etc. which is pretty uncommon for RPG-type games. The goal is to strike a balance between the methodical, wombo-combo character building of thoughtful roguelikes and the zany mechanically-focused moments of twitchy shooters.

You can download the current build of the game here!

Controls to note:
Ctrl (Hold) -- Crouch, slide down hills
Q, E, R -- Special abilities
Tab (Hold) -- Open Inventory window
Click and Hold -- Combine items, level up attributes
Escape -- Quit Game